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2023 C3 Workshop: Consensus, Concurrency & Cryptography  

The Crystal Centre organized a 3-day hybrid workshop from December 12 to December 14, 2022. The workshop aimed to introduce attendees to the algorithmic foundations of blockchains and distributed systems, focusing on three active research areas with practical utility: Consensus Protocols, Concurrency, and Cryptography in the post-quantum world.

Take-home exercises were given and five s
hortlisted winners with the most outstanding solutions were rewarded with an invitation to a sponsored visit to the National University of Singapore (NUS) for the Computer Science Research Week in February 2023. 

Seminar Yuzhe Tang.PNG


Understanding and Hardening Blockchain Systems Security under DoS Attacks


Join us on Zoom on 23 February 2022, 10.30am to 12pm!


NUS Fintech Month 2022

Crystal Centre will be co-organizing with NUS FinTech Society to present NUS Fintech Month 2022, happening this coming January 2022! This year’s Fintech Month consists of a slew of workshops and symposiums to introduce students to the world of Fintech, as well as a hackathon for students to try their hand at building an innovative solution to our problem statement, soon to be revealed.

Registration for the Workshops and Symposiums can be made 

Check out our poster for more details!


2020 April Collaboration Talk
Join our talk on 3 April 2020 for insights into FinTech and more!


2019 Annual Workshop

Future of Work: ABCDs (AI, Blockchain, Cloud and Data) 

Happening on 6 November 2019, 12pm-5pm,

at the University Club of National University of Singapore.

Limited seats available. Sign up today!


2019 Q3 Collaboration Talk 

Thanks to the support of NUS and our sponsors, CRYSTAL Centre has been established for a year!


We presented all the research work and activities we had completed in the past year. 


2019 Q2 Collaboration Talk 

Giving priority to our last discussion, Crystal Centre held our Q2 Collaboration Talk, focused on the theme of Blockchain Adoption.


We had invited a number of featured speakers from companies and government agencies.

2019Q1_ (16).jpg

2019 Q1 Collaboration Talk

The Collaboration Talk was exclusively for Crystal Centre sponsors and was attended by Crystal Centre Co-PIs and relevant experts from other departments of NUS.


We had aimed to bring together researchers, experts and industry leaders to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Computing Science.  


Our first annual event: The Blockchain and Cybersecurity Workshop co-organized by the NUS Crystal Centre and Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium. The event invitation was extended to the domain experts from Academia and the Industry to share their knowledge and expertise on blockchain and cybersecurity.

2018 Blockchain & Cybersecurity Workshop


Press Release

The School of Computing of National University of Singapore (NUS) announced the creation of the CRYSTAL (Cryptocurrency Strategy, Techniques, and Algorithms) Centre; an academic research laboratory and think tank aiming to lead as one of the world’s foremost centres for research on blockchains.

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