Research Topics


Cryptocurrencies and their underlying distributed ledger protocols (blockchains) are spurring an ecosystem of decentralized applications and innovative systems. Currently, the market of cryptocurrencies is valued at about 500 billion dollars; and, its acceptance by institutional and commercial players is steadily increasing. Increasingly, smart contracts programs that run on blockchains are showcasing a new paradigm for transparent and trustworthy computing.


There are several security issues with blockchain, which our centre aims to explore and find solutions to:

  • Vulnerabilities of computers that individuals and businesses use to retrieve blockchain services

  • Hackers retrieving the keys to someone’s data on blockchain and being able to own it completely, as possessing the public and private key to a blockchain is synonymous with owning the content

  • Constant scaling up of the chain means there is no certain way to confirm it will stay secure

  • Blockchain is experimental and there is code that hasn’t yet been tested

  • The lack of standards and regulation​


Cryptocurrency markets do not have clear fundamentals or understanding of causality and correlation between token prices. Crystal Lab will build capability and phrase measurable scientific analytics of cryptocurrency market drivers. Examples including: liquidity and valuations, virtual sandbox for market analysis, AI vs. AI research, applying deep learning to improve level 3 order book processing, and training fund for real market activity.


Our goal is to design and analyze new algorithms which allow scaling with network size or computation power, and lowering energy consumption. Consensus protocols in blockchains differ from traditional networks because the set of participants in the protocols are not fixed and not known in advance to each other. We have recently shown how to use proof-of-work (POW) as a basis for reconciling differing views in a peer-to-peer network with open (and potentially infinite) membership.

More Topics

  • Scalable Consensus Protocols

  • Proofs & Testing Techniques 

  • Privacy-preserving Computation

  • Safe Programming Language Design

  • Fundamentals of Trading and Analysis of Cryptocurrency Economics

  • Highly Available Peer Network Design

  • Applications